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Infographic: Fluid Design by the Numbers

Infographic: Fluid Design by the Numbers

You already know how to use your design software.
We’re not here to tell you how to do your job. As important as type, color and layout are, those topics won’t be addressed here either. We’re not going to be explaining what layer masks are for, or how to setup nested style sheets, or the art of complex vector shapes. And we certainly won’t be debating the virtues of the Gotham family.

So then what are we talking about? This:
Fluid Design is the study of attaining high-​​level mastery of your design tools, methods and working environment.

The odds are very high that you will benefit from what you find here, and on many levels. The world available to you is one of more money, lower stress and more beautiful work. It’s a lovely place. Here’s a sneak peak »

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