A Cast of Creative Champions

How people in different roles and career stages benefit from the FD Master Suite

We hinted at the major players here on our Who Are You? page, but here are some clearer details about how designers at any stage of their career will benefit from just a few hours of study…

Who? Before FD Après FD

Ricky Rookieson

Senior at Stateville School of Design

Ricky is a good student with a solid working knowledge of the core CC apps, which he’s used to create professional-​​level pieces in print, digital and identity. Ricky isn’t just the envy of his stunned peers (“Dude, I don’t even know what you just did”), he’s getting intense attention from local studios who can see how well he knows his way around the computer, from OS shortcuts to Iron Chef-​​like prowess in the Adobe apps. Ricky still has a lot to learn about the real world of design, but being fully integrated with his system is a huge leg-​​up.

Polly Proberg

Freelance Designer, Kick-​​Ass Design

Polly is making a decent enough living as an entrepreneur, but she’s getting weighed down with the tedium of design project management and is only just making ends meet. Polly’s working life goes from slow to flow, with streamlined processes that let her get down to business more quickly. Speaking of business, it’s friggin’ booming, which is due to her new-​​found ability to handle a heavier workload. And the higher demand means that she can also raise her rates. To say that the FD Master Suite has paid off is an understatement.

Sal Servicejek

Owner, Premiere Printing

Competition is fierce these days, and Sal is trying everything he can think of to streamline is business. His pre-​​press/​design staff are a fun bunch, but Sal is sometimes surprised at their throughput. Hallelujah! Sal can’t believe how smoothly the production staff are blowing through their work now. The improvement is due not only to their smarter, smoother workflow, but to the streamlined project management techniques that they’ve crafted together as a team, which result in less confusion and more project portability between staff members.

Terrence Taskmaster

Art Director, Juggernaut & Whale

Terry is whip-​​smart when it comes to his clients’ vision, but getting his creative staff to align with his project goals is like nailing jell-​​o to a tree. Now that his designers are all FD graduates, the office sees creative output like never before, with the designers trading tricks for working awesomer, not harder. More prowess with tools means better work, and tighter, more unified processes means quicker output. The other ADs are starting to squirm, and Terry smells a bonus.

Dr. Edward Educourt

Design Professor, University of Statesota

Thinning school budgets aren’t allowing for much in the way of program growth, and the job market is making things increasingly hard for his graduates. Once Professor Ed gives his kids a boost by telling them about Fluid Design, their stock in the market suddenly goes up, and studios start thinking of U of S first when they need new design staff. More grads with jobs = more applause for the program = more resources for the school.


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