Fluid Design goes on a diet!

title_graphicMy Design Week Portland design efficiency class was so popular that I decided to bring it to the masses. While I feel pretty strongly that the FD Master Suite is easily worth its weight in dollars (and I’m totally objective, of course), I understand that a more bite-​​sized version might be more palatable to some designers out there. Hence, the FD Design Efficiency Intensive (and yes, I realize that’s technically redundant, shut up).

This new course is 25 minutes (plus bonus material!) of concentrated efficiency-​​boosting techniques, including: core concepts, navigation tricks, organizational tools, application tips, and much, much, MUCH more (yes, three muches).

BONUS! Students of the Design Efficiency Intensive can deduct the price they pay from the FD Master Suite at any time. Email me to receive a discount code for the Master Suite after you take the new course.

by Whit

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