The FD Mission

Remove energy from futzing and redirect it to creating. That’s the idea here. Un-​​Fluid designers typically spend a significant amount of their computer time not designing because they have to:

  • Organize their files, folders, application environment, online environment, etc.
  • Visually hunt through the toolbar, palettes and menus with their mouse for tools they need
  • Figure out how they’re going to execute their visual plan
  • Locate the information they need to get started

…and any number of other non-​​creative obstacles. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. Harmony in your working environment is out there. Fluidity can be yours. FD invites you to a world that offers:

  • The transfer of mental energy from mechanics to creation
  • The ability to command higher billable rates (read: more money!)
  • Increased freedom in your design capabilities
  • Increased ability to handle complexity in your design
  • Higher overall efficiency
  • Higher output and lower stress

How you benefit from the above list, however, depends on who you are »

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