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I’ve been a professional designer since 1997 and an Adobe super-​​geek since 1993. During the years since, I have strongly exhibited two seemingly opposing traits:

1. Anal, as most of us are in the
design world

2. Lazy, obsessed with doing as little
work as I can

As such, I have spent a significant amount of time honing not only my visual craft, but mastery of my tools and perfection/​optimization of my work-​​flow. Not long after I became a design professional for various studios, I began receiving compliments on the speed and finesse with which I used those tools. I’m fast, people. And not fast in a manic, “DEADLINE-IS-APPROACHING-DON’T-HAVE-TIME-TO-BLINK” way, but a fluid, glowing aura, “Photoshop and I are extensions of one another ~ we are one” manner.

I don’t know if you know how much you added to this process, not only with your technical finesse, but just having you behind me has me feel confident. We’ve accomplished a lot from your help and attention over the last two years.
Rob Kandell
COO, OneTaste

Fast-​​forward to the founding of my design studio Angled End Identities in 2001, where I frequently worked with design contractors. I realized at one point that many of these designers, some of them seasoned veterans of the industry, were usually taking much longer to complete a task than I knew I could if I were performing it. Even production artists at print shops — whose job is to execute pre-​​press tasks as quickly as possible — would often seem painfully slow.

After witnessing this speed discrepancy time and time again, I realized that there was something that I was doing differently. I realized that there was a service that I might be able to offer the design community at large.

Fluid Design was born.

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