Who Are You?

Fluid Design is for designers everywhere, but how it will benefit you depends on your perspective…

Worker Bees (freelancers, design employees…)

worker beeWell, duh. Obviously you will benefit in all sorts of ways by adopting FD practices, many of which are outlined here. Get ready for a more fulfilling career, more respect, more money, more influence… man, the future you is starting to sound pretty intimidating! Let’s get started:
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Slavedrivers (owners, managers, directors…)

who_slavedriversYeah, we know — you’re already seeing dollar $igns or you wouldn’t still be here. But try to look beyond your next new boat and take in the bigger picture, which is better work for your clients, a better reputation in your region, more awards-​​… hey, you’re not even listening anymore, are you? Fine. Fluid Design = faster, happier, better designers = shiny new boat. Let’s get started:
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Educators (teachers, professors…)

who_educatorLet’s be clear, in case it isn’t: Fluid Design isn’t for the lower classmen (classpersons?). The methods outlined will sound like Swahili to those just learning how to use Photoshop. But for those junior designers who have a decent handle on the Creative Suite/​Cloud, these materials are an awesome way to sharpen those skills and turn them into execution ninjas (ninja executioners?) right out of the gate. And that means more clout for you and your program. Let’s get started:
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Want an example of an actual person who has benefited from FD?
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