Design Efficiency Intensive 2014!

The cornerstone of Fluid Design is the FD Master Suite, a ~10-​​week, self-​​paced, video-​​based course that covers every aspect of graphic design efficiency, from Adobe CS/​CC tricks to effective personal time and resource management. This intensive course is a 1-​​hour cross-​​section of that material, covering the most important components of Fluid Design and demonstrating their use in real-​​time. Career designers of all experience levels will benefit from the time– and energy-​​saving tools you’ll learn about!

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Fluid Design was created by Whit Gurley, an equally lazy and anal retentive career designer who has been obsessed with the streamlining of design workflow for two decades. Whit’s studio Angled End Identities has been building the brands of small and large clients since 2001.

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