Design (Faux) Facts of the Day, vol. I

Did you know that a Federal letterpress license carries maximum pant leg diameter and minimum mutton chop length requirements? That and other amazing true facts await you in this trove of factual, totally not made up information that is true and not fake.

This lovely little coffee table book is made of 100 pages of “facts” such as:

If you stacked every logo ever designed, they would weigh enough to circle the earth twice at over 9000 KPH.


It’s the perfect stocking stuffer or birthday gift for the graphic designer that you love a little bit but not too much.

Available for FREE to the first 50 buyers of the FD Master Suite, or to less ambitious designers for a mere $8 + $4 S&H (so, wait, let me get my calculator out… got it: $12). To order your copy, visit Angled End’s secure payment page to pay with a credit card (include your postal address in the “Description” field at the top of the payment form) or PayPal $12 to me using

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