FD Cheat Sheet 1.0

Do you ever wish you could just press a button and suddenly just know all of the creative app key commands? Well, you can’t, this isn’t The Matrix. But you can have the next best thing. For FREE.

Introducing the wonder-​​tastic, magic-​​tacular FD Cheat Sheet, a powerful, dynamic and flexible database of every key command that’s important to you and the way that you work. Modifier key navigation? You got it. Single key commands? But of course. Custom function keys? Psssh, don’t make me laugh. Seriously, my abs are sore from doing crunches.

FD Cheat Sheet

The FD Cheat Sheet includes:

  • Individual pages for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and OS X
  • A starter template for you to create pages for any other apps that you regularly use
  • Fully editable, expandable lists of keyboard shortcuts in different usage groups (navigation, single key commands, type editing shortcuts, custom F-​​keys, and other commonly used functions)
  • Easy-​​to-​​read key command columns making understanding each key command fast and intuitive
  • Printable, portable and mobile-​​friendly
  • Designed for usage in Google Spreadsheets but will also work well in Excel or Apple Numbers
  • The FD Cheat Sheet is Mac-​​centric but can easily be adapted for usage by Windows designers
  • Includes a quick tutorial video on usage of the spreadsheet

Pretty rad, right? Aw, you’re just saying that.

Soooo… gimme it already.

You got it. The FD Cheat Sheet is available FREE with the FD Efficiency Pack »

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