FD Efficiency Pack 1.0

You know what’s not fluid? Setting up common file types, repeatedly configuring export settings, recreating common folders & sub-​​folders, and forgetting important key commands. Fluid Design is here to help. We are offering you a package of carefully-​​crafted, efficiency-​​improving stuff that will make your design life way, way awesomer. The FREE FD Efficiency Pack includes:

FD Cheat Sheet

Uhhhh… what’s the key for the Free Transform Tool in InDesign? Silly me, I should just consult my handy FD Cheat Sheet, a powerful, dynamic database of key commands in all the major Adobe apps! Learn more here »

FD File Templates

You have recreated your last postcard file setup. This archive contains a plethora (oh yes, Jefe, a plethora) of streamlined print and digital templates, including:

  • ID and AI print templates for brochures, business cards, flyers and postcards
  • AI and PS digital templates for responsive websites and social media profiles
  • A logo presentation template for the professional display of logo comps

Every template includes time-​​saving modifications such as: a set of basic color/​gradient swatches, explanatory notes to make usage clear, trim & bleed settings ready for pre-​​press, starter layers and more.

FD Project Folder Templates

Stop recreating sub-​​folders and common files in your project folder already! These project folder templates will give you a baseline setup for the creation of your next project, saving you time and ensuring consistency with the locations of all of your project-​​related files.

FD PDF Presets

If you’re like me, you have a finite number of PDF configurations that you generally stick with: one for your clients, one for your go-​​to printer, one for website usage, etc. And if you’re like I used to be, you haven’t exactly ironed those configurations out in a streamlined, unified manner. These presets help you do just that, giving you lightning-​​fast access to PDF setups that are commonly needed by printers or appropriate for client previews.

Okay buddy, what’s the price?

It’s free. All of it. Just send me your email address (which I will never give out to anyone else) and it’s all yours…

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Design awesomer than ever before. This package of efficiency tools will have you burning through your design work like nobody’s business. Just send us your email and it’s all yours:

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