FD Master Suite 1.0

BOOM. It’s here. The cornerstone to the Fluid Design universe, the zig to your design workflow zag, the hello you had me at, the… um… I don’t know, imagine some other dope hyperbole. That’s what this is.

Whit is one of the most efficient designers with whom I’ve collaborated, largely because he has customized his creative process and workspace to eliminate productivity killers. This is bigger than the mastery of common hotkeys; it involves a holistic approach to streamlining workflow.
John Fischbach
Art Director, Graphic-​​FX

The Fluid Design Master Suite is a 10-​​week video-​​based course that will revolutionize the way that you work. Each course module consists of:

  • 10–30 minute video that explains that study area’s concepts in detail
  • A batch of action steps that help you integrate those concepts over the course of the subsequent work week

That’s it! The simplicity of this structure means that only a minimal time commitment is needed to vastly improve your efficiency and mastery for the rest of your design career.

The course content includes:

  • An introduction to the benefits and core concepts of Fluid Design
  • Empowering and time-​​saving Creative Suite/​Cloud application usage techniques (PS, AI, ID, etc.)
  • Tricks for gaining ninja-​​like mastery of the operating system
  • Tutorials on the benefits and usage of macros to supercharge your computer
  • Ideas for getting control of your work schedule
  • Strategies for creating and maintaining an orderly, efficient file and project structure
  • Tips on ergonomic setup, hardware, work environment and more!


Let’s talk about value

I like to consider these things conservatively. Let’s say that taking this course only helps you bump your hourly rate up by $5/​hour (and I guarantee that it’ll do better than that), and you average 15 billable hours a week. That’s conservatively over $300 a month that you wouldn’t otherwise have been earning. I’d call that a no-​​brainer, wouldn’t you?

Okay, okay, okay.
What does it cost already?

Special 50-​​time opportunity!
The first fifty designers to purchase the FD Master Suite will receive a FREE copy of our new book, Design (Faux) Facts of the Day »

The FD Master Suite is available to students for $50 and to professionals for $100. That price gets you unlimited access to the course videos and materials (via our education partner Pathwright).

It’s a slam dunk, people. But hey, if you’re still hesitant then maybe this will seal the deal:

100% money-​​back guarantee

If after taking the full FD Master Suite course you don’t feel that you have gained enough knowledge to offset its cost, I will gladly refund your money. My only request is that you give the course a good, solid try before asking for a refund.

Let’s fire it up!

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